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Do Bone Conduction Headphones Leak Sound?

2022-08-14 Page view : 53 views

The bone conduction earphone is a truly unique technology. They are completely different from any other earplugs on the market. But will bone conduction headphones leak sound?

If used at the maximum volume, all headphones will leak sound. A certain degree of sound leakage is normal and acceptable. Bone conduction headphones will not leak more sound than other types of headphones.

Why do bone conduction headphones leak sound?

All headphones will leak some sound; Bone conduction headphones can also leak sound, because the sound escapes from the side of the transducer. Headphones have drivers that vibrate to produce sound. The vibration is strong enough to form a small gap between the headphones and the skin. Bone conduction headphones supplier

If your bone guide headphones have vents, there will be more leaks. When you listen to noisy music, this problem will be further amplified, because the driver will generate stronger vibration. That’s why conductive bone earphones leak more sound than in-ear earphones.
Some in-ear headphones or earplugs use silicon or foam earplugs to form a firm seal. On the other hand, bone conduction headphones have no way to form a seal. They lean directly against your skin, and if they are not tight enough, they will even move a little. Coupled with the loud metal explosion on the temple, it will become the secret of sound leakage.

How to reduce the sound leakage of bone conduction headphones?

You don’t have to stop using bone conduction headphones because of sound leakage. After all, they are the safest, most convenient, most useful and most comfortable way to listen to music outdoors in terms of consciousness.
Besides, as we often discuss in articles about headphones, bone conduction headphones are a kind of headphones that we use according to our own situation and what we are doing.

Although you can’t completely stop the sound leakage, there are several ways to reduce it.

Decrease the volume

The louder the volume of headphones, the more sound leaks due to the stronger vibration of the driver. To counteract this, you may need to lower the volume slightly. But remember, you can hear the headphones much louder than the people around you.

Therefore, you don’t have to silence them completely. It is enough to reduce the volume to 60-70%.

Of course, you may not want to listen to noisy music first. Continuous noisy music will cause hearing loss, because it will damage your cochlea. Bone conduction headphones are not safe in this respect.

Bone conduction headphones will leak some sound. But they are not much worse than traditional headphones, and the leakage is still less than that of open headphones. Most people won’t hear your music unless they are close to you. If you are worried about the sound leakage, please turn down the volume. You can get a unique experience from bone conduction headphones. Their price is similar to other earplugs, so they are worth the money.


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