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Here’s Why You Should Try Bone Conduction Headphones

2022-06-23 Page view : 39 views

Over the years, earphones have come a long way. Now you can buy a pair of earphones to match and praise any dazzling design style. In addition to the more conventional models, bone conduction earphones are also a clever variant of this theme, which will be particularly interesting if you are an outdoor fitness enthusiast. In some cases, they also benefit certain types of hearing impairment.

The bone conduction earphone is placed on the top of the cheekbones, so the vibration will bypass your tympanic membrane and pass through your jawbone. Sound is transmitted directly to the cochlea through the bones, rather than using vibrations that move in the air, as traditional earphone designs do.

One obvious benefit is that nothing is pushed into your ear canal, but the real attraction of bone conduction earphones is that you can continue outdoor activities while fully listening to what is happening around you. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, the fact that sound waves pass through bones rather than through eardrums can also make conducting telephone a potential solution for some hearing-impaired people. In fact, early hearing aid designs took advantage of this technology before headphone manufacturers accepted the idea.

Benefit 1- Healthier:
The vibration unit of the bone conduction earphone directly acts on the skull, avoiding the damage to the eardrum caused by the long-term use of the traditional earphone, and can effectively protect the hearing. Using traditional earphones for a long time, the sound pressure is transmitted to the tympanic membrane, which is very easy to cause auditory fatigue. A survey report from the European Union said that if the earphone sound exceeds 85 dB and lasts for more than 30 minutes, it may cause temporary hearing loss. If the earphone volume exceeds 89 dB and it is used for more than 1 hour every day for 5 years, it may have permanent hearing loss. Of course, it does not mean that bone conduction earphones will not cause hearing damage if they are turned up for a long time, but the harm will be much less. In ear earphones have the greatest impact on the ears. So, the best way to protect your hearing is to reduce the volume and control the duration. Factory Supply Bone Conduction Headphone Sport Earphone

Advantage 2- More Hygienic:

Traditional in ear earphones keep the ear canal in a closed environment for a long time, which is easy to breed bacteria and cause inflammation. The non in ear design of bone conduction earphones can reduce the breeding of bacteria in the ear canal.

Benefit 3- Safer:

Bone conduction earphones can fully open both ears during wearing, and can real-time listen to the ambient sound to judge the environment. The safety of outdoor sports is greatly improved by avoiding the risk of accidents caused by the inability to hear external sounds. If earphones are used, once the sound is loud, it is easy to shield the external sound, making it difficult for people to detect the sudden vehicles and the cries of others, thus increasing the risk of accidents. However, if bone conduction earphones are used, both music and external sound can be heard, and the safety is improved.

Benefit 4- Comfortable to Wear:
The ear hanging design does not plug the ears. It will not be uncomfortable after wearing for a long time, and there is no need to worry about falling when exercising.

Advantage 5- Water and Sweat Resistance:
Bone conduction earphones manufacturer have a higher waterproof level. There is no problem with sweating a lot during exercise. They can even run in the rain.

Bone conduction earphones do have some drawbacks. Users often report that audio quality is affected because it is not in or on the ear. However, this is a reasonable trade-off, because any loss of audio quality can be compensated by allowing the user to hear something else. If you go jogging and like to keep your intelligence, a pair of bone conduction earphones seems to be an obvious running kit project.

If you are in any other situation, it is important to keep your ears on any external sound, so to speak. Many people like to listen to music at work. If you work from home at your desk, it’s no big deal. However, if you work with permission to list music, but you still need to be alert to any dangers, or the manager may be at large, then bone conduction earphones may be worth considering.


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