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What are the characteristics of bone conduction headphones compared with ordinary headphones?

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The sound transmission mode of bone conduction headphones is completely different from that of traditional headphones. Traditional earphones transmit acoustic vibration signals converted from electrical signals directly to auditory nerve through temporal bone through traditional air conduction transmission media such as external auditory canal, tympanic membrane and tympanum, and finally receive audio content. The bone conduction earphone converts sound into mechanical vibration of different frequencies, transmits sound waves through human skull, bone labyrinth, inner ear lymph, Corti’s organ, auditory nerve and auditory pathway, and generates nerve impulse with the auditory nerve, which is transmitted to auditory pathway. After comprehensive analysis of cerebral cortex, the sound is finally “heard”.

Apart from the way of sound transmission, the listening environment is also completely different. Most of the conventional headphones are designed with physical noise isolation, which can maximize the exclusiveness of audio transmission by blocking the ears, that is, eliminate the interference of other external audio content and ensure that the ears can hear the sound inside the headphones to the maximum extent. Open Air Neckband Bone Conduction Earphone manufacturer

The bone conduction earphone transmits sound through the skull, so the ear area is kept open when worn. Although the skull can receive the contents of headphones smoothly, the ear itself can also pick up the ambient sound contents. Therefore, from the listening environment, the conventional headphones are far better than the actual environment of bone conduction headphones.

Now that the two are different, we can also talk about the advantages of this design of bone conduction headphones. First of all, the way of skull sound transmission is actually not a new technology, but as more and more people are keen on listening to songs while playing outdoor sports, the way of skull sound transmission can keep the ears relatively open. Therefore, in the process of listening to songs in sports, you can also have a certain perception of the surrounding environment. When there is an emergency change in the surrounding environment or it is necessary to avoid risks, wearing bone conduction headphones can make the first response, complete the emergency response in the fastest time, and protect the personal safety of athletes to the greatest extent.

Secondly, because most of the traditional headphones are directly infused with audio through the ear canal, it may cause damage to the inner membrane of the ear canal after a long time. For some headphones with poor quality, because of their inferior materials, they are likely to cause damage to the skin near the ears. Often wearing headphones to listen to concerts will cause irreversible damage to people’s hearing, resulting in a rapid decline of people’s hearing;

If you wear headphones to listen to music, a little louder will cause great pressure on the tympanic membrane, which will be damaged after a long time; Wearing headphones for a long time will cause a continuous impact on the cochlea, and the inner ear will be directly hurt when it is in a high decibel sound environment for a long time; Moreover, the constant impact of high pitch or noise will shake the liquid in the cochlea, causing hair cells to die due to excessive stimulation, and the reduction of cochlea will have an irreversible impact on people’s hearing. But bone conduction headphones won’t have such worries ~! Seeing this, I believe you also found that although bone conduction headphones can’t provide the same sound quality experience as conventional headphones, they are more in line with the current people’s requirements of pursuing a healthy life in terms of safety and health.

Summarize the advantages of bone conduction headphones:

1.) Open listening, always aware of environmental changes to ensure outdoor safety.
2.) Open listening, no need to enter the ear, no harm to hearing health.
3.) Open listening, safe and hygienic, and reduce bacterial accumulation in ears.

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