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Why can’t you lose weight by running?

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Almost all fat people think that they can lose weight by running.
Indeed, if you can keep running for 1W meters every day (if it’s only three or five kilometers, it’s just a warm-up), it will definitely reduce fat in the long run.
But the problem is that most people who want to lose weight by running don’t know how to run at all, and they don’t know how to lose weight by running.
So people always ask why they haven’t lost weight after running for months.
This will not have the effect of losing weight.
Next, I will give you the correct way to lose weight by running.

First of all. Want to run? Practice the core strength first.
The core muscle group, which is the middle link of the human body, is a whole formed by the waist, pelvis and hip joint, and contains 29 muscles in total. Strong core muscles play a stabilizing and supporting role in physical posture, motor skills and movements in sports.
Imagine, if the muscles in the middle part of your body are very weak, how can you support your upper and lower body?
For running, if the body keeps a constant speed and a straight line, then we must use the least force.
At the same time, core strength training can change many of our bad postures: stooping, hunchback, lumbar disc protrusion, etc.
How to train?
Sit on your back.
Lie down on the ground with your hands forward, lift your head, hands and legs until your muscles are tight at the same time, stay on your knees for 3 seconds, and repeat 10 times.

2. Arch bridge
Lie on your back, put your feet on the ground, lift your hips and back, bend your knees at 90, and stretch your body slowly until your body is in a straight line. Hold it for 10 seconds and then put it down. Repeat 10 times.
Step 3 roll on your side
Hold your head with your left hand, hold your left leg with your right hand, straighten your right leg, and roll your head and abdomen to the right. Repeat 10 times and change sides.
The King of the Core-Plank
Lie on the floor, stand on tiptoe, touch the ground at the joints of your hands and palms, support your body, and keep the whole body at the same level.
These movements can basically train your core strength. The reason why you want to train your core strength is not only to stabilize your running posture and ensure your running strength, but also to correct your body.

Then. Warm up.
Warm-up makes all the organs of the body adapt to the upcoming exercise, so that the body temperature rises, the heartbeat starts to accelerate, and the leg muscles and blood vessels relax to bring enough oxygen.
Many people have clicking noises in their joints when they move. This is mostly because the joint pressure is too high and the surrounding soft tissues are too tight. Therefore, at a certain angle, the ligament can’t control the joint movement, and the movement is limited. Running will use most joints of the human body, and proper joint activities will avoid restriction.

Joint activities are as follows:
Ankle flexion, extension and looping
Knee flexion and extension, looping
Shoulder ring
Hip joint torsion
Head ring
Warm-up: Go jogging.
Before the official start of running, you can take a brisk walk or jog for about 5 minutes to raise your body temperature, reduce muscle adhesion, and get into the working state.

So how long is the right time? Preparation activities can make the heart rate reach about 70% of the maximum heart rate (the maximum heart rate is about equal to 220 minus the age). Generally, it takes 10 minutes, and the hot weather time can be halved.

Next, run in the correct posture.
Shoulder stabilization
During running, keep your head directly above your shoulders, don’t stretch forward or lean back, and your shoulders are always parallel to the ground.
Straighten up
The torso from the neck to the abdomen should be naturally upright, not hunched or deliberately straight, and remember to always be in a natural state. Stretch your arms and shoulders slightly back, so that you can breathe smoothly and run more vigorously.
Front and rear swing arm
When running, every part of the body should move forward. When the arms swing, they should never be inserted into the middle. At most, they should not exceed the midline of the body and swing up and down without exceeding the chest. Keep your fingers, wrists and arms relaxed, and bend your elbow joints by about 90 degrees, close to your sides. This can also make the body keep a better balance.
Hold your hands gently naturally, so as not to hinder your shoulder movements. Think that some students always bite their teeth and clench their fists when running, as if they can burst out at once … jogging and relaxing is the king …
Short pace
Beginners don’t take big steps, and it’s not easy to control their posture. With the heel, the sole of the foot should land first, and the foot should roll forward.

Next, stretch after running.

Stretch! Stretch! It is very serious not to stretch after running! ! ! !
Maybe many people don’t understand the function of stretching, think stretching is painful, and don’t want to pull.
Stretching in place can help lengthen muscle latitude, beautiful lines, slow down lactic acid and make you less tired.
If you don’t stretch, you don’t need to exercise.

These are the basic points of running. Of course, running is boring. Many people will choose to wear headphones when running, so as to add some fun to their running plans. It is very important to choose a pair of headphones, which will affect whether you will have a burden during running.
Traditional wired headphones: His headphone cable will create a lot of burden during your running.
Traditional Bluetooth headset: Its structure is destined to be worn during exercise, and it is easy to fall off, and generally it is not waterproof.
Bluetooth headset for sports: It may be the most suitable headset for sports, but for many people who like to run outdoors, the disadvantage that he can’t hear the ambient sound may bring you serious consequences.
Bone-conduction earphone: It has all the above advantages, and the sound mode of hair is different from that of traditional earphone. You can not only enjoy music while exercising, but also receive information from the outside world, so that people who exercise outdoors can avoid many dangers.
That’s my recommendation for running headphones. Of course, you can choose any kind of headphones according to your preferences, because our only purpose is to run.

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