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Why do you still use a dehumidifier when the air conditioner can dehumidify?

2022-08-20 Page view : 26 views

Why do you still use a dehumidifier when the air conditioner can dehumidify? This question will certainly confuse many consumers. With air conditioning, isn’t dehumidifier redundant? “Actually, this is a consumption mistake. If you ask, is air conditioning dehumidification useful? Useful, but ineffective and expensive.
1. Dehumidification cost: dehumidifier wins.
First of all, take a 20-square-meter room as an example. In such a space, the air conditioner needs 1.5 units, and the power is about 3,000 W, while the dehumidifier only needs 600W W. During the operation of the air conditioner, the power consumption is five times that of the dehumidifier. “So, just for dehumidification, the electricity cost of running air conditioner is five times that of dehumidifier.
2. Dehumidification effect: dehumidifier wins.
With the decrease of air temperature, the temperature difference of air conditioning refrigeration dehumidification can’t effectively condense and separate out water vapor, so it can’t achieve obvious dehumidification effect. Especially in the rainy season in the south, the temperature is not high. At this time, if air conditioning is used to dehumidify, the cold wind will blow out, and the more dehumidified it will be, the colder it will be, which will make people feel quite uncomfortable. At the same time, the long-term dehumidification operation of the air conditioner will also increase the load of the compressor, easily damage the compressor and shorten the life of the whole machine.
3. Dehumidification range: dehumidifier wins.
What’s more, the air conditioner can’t be moved. It can’t be moved to the bathroom and kitchen to dehumidify like a dehumidifier. In addition, when users buy dehumidifiers, they don’t use horses to indicate the applicable area like air conditioners. In rainy weather, preventing a dehumidifier at home can better improve indoor humidity, reduce and prevent the chance of rheumatism. Therefore, many southern household users will choose a home dehumidifier to improve indoor humidity even if they have installed air conditioners at home.
Results: Therefore, air conditioner is not suitable to replace dehumidifier.
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