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You can wear all day long

2022-06-16 Page view : 35 views

Comfortable to wear all day free both ears. Use the lightest bone conduction ear-mounted headphones to listen to music and make calls

Bone conduction headphones-The principle of bone conduction headphones is to conduct sound through the bones instead of the ear canal. Bone conduction headphones are a good helper for the hearing impaired. Sound vibrations pass through the bones directly to the inner ear. If your inner ear nerves are responsive or ear drums are working properly, which means you can hear sound at close range, then you can also use bone conduction headphones to hear music bone conduction ear-mounted headphones Open Ear Headphones-Ensure that your ears remain fully open to ambient sounds, helping you to stay alert to your surroundings, avoid danger, and enjoy music at the same time.
One size fit everyone-these headphones are not adjustable. The strap wraps around the back of the head, close to the neck, so the size is suitable for most customers.
Bone conduction technology can ensure that your ears remain completely open to surrounding environmental sounds during long-term wear to maximize the understanding of the situation.
Designed for long-time wearing, flexible and light for maximum comfort when worn for a long time. Combined with a long battery life, this small, slim style allows you to enjoy continuous music and a call of up to 6 hours.
Ultimate durability-dust and moisture proof during your daily indoor or outdoor workouts. These sturdy workout headphones can withstand your most strenuous running, cycling and other sports! EQ presets can reduce vibration.

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